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your internet store

Your own web store

The second that you sign up for our program you will have your own cobranded web store that you can send customers to with your logo and information about your store. This will also give you the ability to sell 200,000+ prints and posters and give your customer flexibility to ship to your store free. All sales through your web store that do not ship to your shop free will earn you a 20% commission on the sale. Your web store will only feature unframed prints, so you don't have to worry about competing with your own online site for framing services. If you have an existing website simply link it to your web store.
reach new clients

Get hot framing leads delivered right to your store

Our network of retail websites (hundreds of online sites including ship tens of thousands of art orders every month. Many of those customers do not choose to frame the piece online. In this program we will include a printed coupon for your store included in the packaging with those orders. The coupon includes a description of your shop and your address thus generating a great framing lead for your store. Coupon sheets will only be included in our online retail orders, not in our Lieberman's wholesale customer orders. To see an example of how we can increase your business enter your zip code in the space above.
free shipping to store

Free shipping on customer orders to your store

If a customer on your web store or decides to ship a print to your store to be framed, they will not be charged for shipping on that order. This encourages customers to ship to your store. When these customers arrive at your store to pick up their order, you have a great oppurtunity to upsell them to a custom frame.
listed on local framer

Become a listed frame shop on

As soon as you register with you will be added to our directory of local frame shops for our customers to search. Through customers will be able to find your store on a map and even get directions to your store.

Need up to date sales info? We've got an app for that

At anytime, from anywhere you can log in and access your sales figures, commmissions, client lists and the total amount of coupons sent on your behalf. You also have access to all of your new customers information (including mailing address, phone number and email address) for your own marketing efforts. Frequently Asked Questions  |  view all
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If customers ship their prints to my store for free, how do they know when to pick them up?
If customers ship their prints to my store and the prints are damaged by the shipper what should I do?
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